Are you worried about having the talk with your child? You don’t need to be. It’s better to be age appropriately open and honest with your child. Books are a wonderful way to help break the ice and take out the mysteriousness of what sex is all about.

My Body, My Self
There are My Body, My Self books that are geared towards boys or towards girls and are very informative and helpful in letting your pre-pubescent child learn about their body.

My Body, My Self is filled with activities, checklists, illustrations and plenty of room for journal notes, plus a lot of personal stories in which boys (in the for Boys book) or girls (in the for Girls book) share their concerns and experiences about growing up. The My Body, My Self books are for pre-pubescent children ages 10 and up.

It’s Perfectly Normal
Another good book for pre-pubescent children is It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health. It’s part of The Family Library series. It’s geared toward children 9 to 12 and is not gender specific. It also has a brand new chapter on focusing on safe Internet use.

It’s So Amazing
Another book in The Family Library Series is It’s So Amazing: A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families. It is designed for children ages 7 and up and is also not gender specific. It answers such questions as, “How does a baby begin?”, “What makes a baby a boy or girl?”, and “How is a baby born?”

So if you’re worried about having ‘the talk’ with your child, you can turn to one of these books or many others just like it to help you. You can read the books to or with your child(ren) and make sure you let them know that they can talk to you about anything and that they don’t need to be afraid.


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