It is the dream and wish of every parent to have that perfect child, one that will always be a source of pride, joy and affection. Well, sometimes you even get more than a perfect child –you get a gifted one. A child born with gifts should not be confused with a talented child. The basic difference between the two is that a talented child has been able to hone his or her gifts to a level where it can be tangibly practised and appreciated.

When your child is gifted, it means that there is a special quality, trait or habit that stands him or her apart from the peers. Gifts can come in various modifications and forms. It can be skills in music, vocabulary (language), spelling, fine arts, singing, crafts, calculations, public speaking and so many others.

Once you observe that your child has an inherent gift or incredible skill for a particular activity, the first step that you have to do is to build up encouragement in the young offspring. This is even more important in a society where gifted or talented individuals are not appreciated. Yon need to infuse your child with confidence and belief in himself or herself irrespective of the reception by the society.

Apart from building up confidence in your child, it is also important that you find a coach or tutor for the special gift that your child has been blessed with. The reasons for these are numerous. In the absence of practice and regular training, a child may lose the gift or special skill. However, with a special coach or teacher, the gift will be developed to the highest level possible, as a saying goes, practice makes perfect. The concentration and focus derived from regular training will be  immense benefit to the child. If there are competitions, tournaments or quizzes, ensure that your gifted child is registered.



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