Let’s talk about ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. All forms of ADD, hyperactivity, and attention disorders all fall under the umbrella of ADHD these days and come in six different forms. For more information on that, you can read Healing ADD, The Breakthrough Program That Allows You To See and Heal The 6 Types of ADD by Daniel G. Amen, M.D. Its invaluable reading.

Did Your Child Get ADHD From You
Are you ADHD? Did they get it from you? The majority of the time ADHD is inherited from a parent. Just because you haven’t been diagnosed, doesn’t mean you don’t have ADHD. It can be passed on. Then again you can have a child with ADHD even if you do not.

Boys versus Girls
How come you mostly hear only about boys having ADHD? It is because it is much easier to diagnose ADHD in boys than it is in girls. Most girls, for some reason, are inherently adept at dealing with ADHD. Most women that have ADHD aren’t diagnosed until they are adults.

Why All The Noise, All The Time
You might ask, “Why is my son or daughter always making so much noise?” Do you know what white noise is? Like when the TV station goes off air and it’s all static, that’s white noise. Some people with ADHD have that white noise going on inside their head all the time, hence they make more noise on the outside to compensate for the noise they hear on the inside.

ADHD Does Not Equal Stupid or LD
Just because your child has ADHD does not mean they are stupid or have a learning disability. In fact, it turns out that people with ADHD are actually quite intelligent. You just need to find out how your child learns to gain a love of learning and work with that.

Here is the original post: Understanding Some ADHD Symptoms in Your Child

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