Raising twins can be a challenge financially and emotionally.

Treat Your Twins Like Unique Individuals

Remember to treat your twins like separate people.  Although twins have a special bond, they are still individuals.  Don’t try to lump them together as one.  While doing some group activities is positive, you and your spouse should also take turns spending time with your twins on an individual basis.  Allow each twin to pick an activity that he or she is interested in.

Encourage Twins to Make other Friends

Many twins can automatically want to be best friends.  While it is wonderful for siblings to get along, you can also not allow your twins to isolate themselves from their other sibilings, cousins and friends at school.  Allow twins to have individual play dates.  Keep one twin at home with one friend from school.  Send your other twin over to another child from school’s house to play.

Keep in Mind the Feelings of Your Single Children

Twins can monopolize a lot of time especially when they are younger.  It’s easy to get caught up with caring for twins.  There are always two mouths to feed, two piles of toys to clean and two baths to give.  Single children may begin to feel like they are less special than their twin brothers or sisters.  Make sure to alot some special alone time for your other children.  Go to the park or a movie alone with the single child while your spouse spends time with the twins.

There is No Comparison

It can be easy to compare twins since they look alike, but it is important to remember that they may have completely different strengths as they learn and grow.  One twin may be a math whiz while the other excels in art.  Never compare the twins.  Evaluate each twin just as you would a single child.  Encourage each twin in their interests and help in any areas of school work in which they may struggle.


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