One of the most painful decisions for a stay at home mom can be deciding to return to the workforce. Leaving your child for long periods of time can be emotionally difficult. Finding the right daycare for your child can make all the difference between a success return to work and a miserable experience for mom and child. If your child is happy and well cared for while you are at work, it can ease your distress significantly.

There are many types of childcare facilities to choose from, such as in-home, or center. Once you have chosen a type of daycare, then you need to visit and find the one that will be the best fit for your child. This can be based on many factors, including the personality of the provider, location, hours, mission statement and philosophy of child-rearing. Always ask if the facility has an “open door” policy; you should be allowed to drop in anytime your child is there.

If your child has never been away from you, even the perfect daycare will be an adjustment, so expect some clinging or crying at first. Most facilities will allow a short trial period to determine if it is the right place for your child. This is often a two-way trial, for both the family and the provider. The best way to find the right fit is to be honest, ask questions, and visit the facility before and after your child is there for care.

If you have concerns, talk to your provider, before making any decisions. Changing providers is hard on the child, unless they are in an unsafe environment, and, therefore, leaving should not be your first step, unless you know for sure there is a serious problem.

If you take your time, explore the options and find the right place, your family is likely to be a success story of a happy relationship between you, your child, and your childcare provider.



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