You may not realize it, but your children have a job. They get up every morning; get ready and go to the office, just like mom and dad do. The only difference is that their office is a classroom; their work is learning, and their boss is their teacher. This “work” that they do every day is part of their preparation for the adult life they will one day live.

There is nothing more important for your children to do than to learn. Likewise, there is nothing more important for you to do for your children, then to help them learn; not only learn, but be good students and learn well.

There are a number of important factors involved in your children getting a good education. Amongst them is one that is largely ignored, which is parental involvement. It doesn’t matter how good the teachers are, whether the school has the latest equipment or how much money the school has to spend, if the parents are not both supportive of the school and supportive of their children, those children are not going to learn.

Almost every child who has problems in school does so because of problems at home. While your home life may not be a shambles, if your children are insecure, feel unloved, or think that you aren’t interested in their schoolwork, it will reflect in their grades. Additionally, children whose parents don’t motivate them tend to avoid doing their homework, which causes their grades to suffer.

It is helpful to think of the parents as the child’s educational cheerleader. They need you there on the sidelines, cheering them on, so that they can do their best. Without that motivation, they’re all too likely to drop the ball and end up sitting on the bench. Make a habit of asking them about their school; what they are studying, what interesting tidbit they’ve learned, whether they understand it. Look over their homework and especially their graded homework. Let them know you are interested, and they will be more likely to be interested as well.



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