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Finally sending your kids off to school is both a blessing in that they are out of the house during the day, and a curse in that they are growing up and starting the long trek toward total independence from you. While every child will inevitably grow up, many parents look down at their tot and wonder how that could ever happen.

Simply put, it starts in school. For an elementary school age child, life is all about the scary and new experience of walking into a room full of strangers, and having a fully grown stranger tell them what to do all day. To say that this is a bizarre departure from the life they had at home would be like saying that suddenly growing a tail might be a bizarre change to your anatomy. School takes a person from event based time, where life is all about the fun and fancy of the moment, into clock based time, where everything works on a rigid and identifiable schedule. The people who do best in school tend to be the best at working within this completely different environment.

Most children are a little scared when they first start their school careers. After all, it’s a weird experience and it works at changing the way they think about almost everything. While you can act like one of the infamous helicopter parents, and try to solve all of your children’s problems, a far more effective solution is to let them work through most of their trials with only gentle counsel. Some day your children won’t need you. Their training for that starts now.



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