Does your ADHD child drive you crazy sometimes? Do you find yourself wishing you had something to keep them occupied so that you can get things done around the house? Well, here are some tried and true time occupiers.

Metal Puzzles
Those metal ring or nail type puzzles that you have to figure out how to take apart and put back together are great for a child with ADHD and will keep them busy for a while. If you give them the directions, be prepared for them to figure it out quickly.

Wooden Block or Log Puzzles
Those wooden block or log puzzles are another awesome ‘keep your child occupied’ tool. Again, don’t give them the direction to solve it or they will, quickly.

Jigsaw Puzzles
Most kids love putting jigsaw puzzles together. They will love it even more when you work on it with them. By you helping on the puzzle, it will also keep them interested. These are usually great projects for them to work on for several days or weeks even.

Rubik’s Cube
This is another great time occupier. But watch out, your child may figure out how to take it apart and put it back together in the right way – ha ha!

Legos/Lincoln Logs
These types of building toys are great for kids with ADHD. They can use their imagination to build unlimited items.

Dinosaur Digs
Dinosaur digs are blocks of a plaster-type material with all the bones to build a complete dinosaur hidden inside. They come complete with a small plastic utensil to scrap away the plaster and a little brush to clean off the bones. These come in different sizes like a small 3″ by 4″ block all the way up to a rather large 12″ by 12″ block. Your child will love digging up the bones and putting their dinosaur together. Good for hours of fun and can be done in stages with breaks in between.



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