Since no two children begin potty training at the exact same time, it may be difficult if you are a first time mom to tell when your son or daughter is ready to use the toilet.  Here a few signs and signals that your child may be ready.

Look for Physical Signs

If your child has stopped having bowel movements in the middle of the night, that is a good sign that they are starting to have control over their bowel and urinary functions.  Children who stop wetting themselves during naptime may also be ready to move on to a toilet.  Look for signals from your child that they are aware that they need to use the bathroom.  These signs can include pointing at their diaper or making faces while trying to pass stool.  Make sure that your child has the communication skills to talk about when they need to use the toilet as well as the motor skills to remove their own pants and wipe themselves before beginning toilet training.

Emotions Play a Part

Even if your child is 20 months old (a popular potty training age) you must make sure that your toddler is emotionally ready to use a potty.  If your child is in a stage where they automatically say “no” to everything, it may not be a good time to begin potty training as they will resist.  Many children begin to show interest in toilet training all on their owns.  These signs include following you into the bathroom, asking questions about the toilet and pointing out to you when they have stool n their diaper.  They may also start to ask questions about why you wear underwear and they have to wear a diaper.

Let Nature Take It’s Course

It’s important to remember that toilet training doesn’t happen overnight.  Some kids train easily at first and then suffer set backs.  Others learn right away and never look back.  Some struggle a lot in the beginning.  No matter what category your child falls into, stay positive and always encourage them .



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