Spending time with each child can be difficult, especially if you are a working parent. If you have twins or triplets, it can further complicate the issue of spending time with each child as an individual. Most people will tend to see twins or multiples, especially identical ones, as being a single unit and not individual children. It is, therefore, especially important that the parents treat each child as an individual, particularly within the multiples.

They may look and even sometimes act alike, but they are individuals. Though multiples do often have a stronger and unique bond that is different than many other siblings, there will still be rivalry, and it may even be compounded if the multiples are identical. They lose the individuality of being the only person to look a certain way; there will always be a mirror image without a mirror, which can mean they will need to work harder to stand out and define their own individuality from the group. Though they look alike, inside they are different and unique. One may be a social butterfly and the twin is a tomboy. Adapt your expectations and individual time to each child’s personality and skills.

This does not mean that you cannot take all your children to a movie together or out for dinner. Time as a family and together is also important in a healthy family. The good news is that the bond between twins or multiples is unique and often closer than other sibling relationships, so even if your family experiences the pangs of sibling rivalry while the children grow and learn who they are as individuals, they will likely still be close.



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