Many moms that are expecting their second child will feel a completely different mix of emotions than what they felt when they first became parents. It is no less exciting or scary than the first time around, but many moms worry about being able to love their second child just as much as the first. Most moms also worry about some of the love they have for their first baby leaving to go love the second child. This is not the case. If you are pregnant or contemplating having a second child, no worries, it will be perfect!

As soon as you look into those precious baby eyes, your heart will triple in size, making more than enough room for the new love of your second child. And, the love for your first born will stay just the same, if not grow more too! Any mom to multiple children will guarantee that love is magical and will only continue to grow with each baby you have.

If you are still worried, spend some time meditating and imagining your soon-to-be new life with your second child. In your mind, think about seeing both your children playing at the park. Go ahead, use their names! The more details you imagine, the better.

Rub your belly and bond with your unborn baby. Think of your family as a family of four before she is even here. You will feel love for your second child before she is even born. This will assure you that you have enough room in your heart to love all of your children with as much, if not more, love than what you feel for your first born.

Your first child will have a new, special roll as big brother or big sister. He is not your only child anymore, but your all-important first born child. And, you will have your second child making your heart bigger as each new child is born.



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