When a family is broken, so are those daily tender moments we all take for granted. That includes things like eating breakfast together in the morning, watching a late-night movie together or getting help with homework from Dad.

It isn’t easy to adjust, and many children will become more irritable, harder to please, less responsive to requests to help with the dishes or clean their room. They’re mourning, as we are.

A divorce helps in some areas. Perhaps the yelling has stopped, or the secretive pursuits, but the family is still broken, and you want and need some healing.

  • Fairfield attorneys can help in your divorce; allowing you to focus more on your children instead of the terms and paperwork. They can guide you to a solution that both parties can live with, and they can keep you on track when it comes to the best options for visitation.
  • Keeping the communication lines open with your ex-spouse is a good idea unless abuse has taken place. If that is the case, care should be taken when it comes to visitation. It may mean that your attorney authorizes supervised visitations so that both parties can continue to spend time with the children.
  • Talk to your children about the separation. Allow them to share their feelings. Try not to take sides on the divorce issue, but allow your children to feel loved, and not in the middle, no matter what parent they are currently spending time with.

Repairing a broken family takes work. However it can be a rewarding experience, especially as time goes on and you see your children healing because of the positive way you handled the divorce.



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