Real Life Parenting Advice

Article by Sandy Kimes

You can find parenting advice almost anywhere. The internet and bookstores are packed with options Parenting is the main topic of many websites. But like everyting on the internet, it is important that you remember that not all advice given is effective. Effective tips are harder to come by. Here are a few tips that are effective and very easy to implement.Being your kid’s greatest encourager is vital. Encouraging them to do better is a wonderful motivator. Always be positive in your encouragement, not intimidating. Intimidation has a negative effect on your child Pay close attention to the good things your child does and praise them for it. Praise and encouragement are two different things. Parise occurs after you child has attempted a task; encouragement is giving them the desire to want to try. This gives your child courage to try to do better at this task or take on something different. Parents should always encourage children to do good things. It is important to avoid screaming and hurting your child if they do something wrong. You should never be hurtful to your child. That can make a bad situation even worse.

Ensure you make your child feel welcome to come to you for help. Feeling welcome is important to a child. If your child already knows he or she can come to you for help, you will more likely the person they come to first. He or she will tell you first what is wrong. Being the first person to kow what is wrong gives you the opportunity to be the first person to help your chld.

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to show your child your care about him or her. Your child wants to spend time with you more than he or she wants you to only spend money on him or her. Your child will know he or she is important to you when you take time to spend with them. Make sure you do things with your child that he or she finds interesting. Reading books together will not only show your child that you care, but can also foster a love of reading for your child. Having a good child-parent relationship is as easy as spending time with your child. These tips on parenting can help you raise your child and maintain a good relationship with him or her that will last a lifetime.

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