Post Divorce Parenting Tips – Making Your Children Comfortable In Two Homes

Article by Britney Smith

Divorce is often heart-wrenching for children. Parents try to overcompensate for the pain in different ways. The best arrangement would be when the children know they were welcome to live with either parent. This is not difficult to achieve if both the estranged spouses can come to a common understanding.

Marriage Might Not Last Forever, But Parenting Is

One of the most important post divorce parenting tips is to internalize the fact that parenting is forever. The children too should know that they are loved by both parents equally and that they were not in any way forced to take sides. It is very important that the parents abstain from comparing or competing against each other as the children would catch on very soon and use this weakness as a weapon against both parents.

Your children will now have two homes. This is a fact and as such should be accepted by both estranged spouses. Your children need to feel at home in both places and for this you both need to take a few concerted steps. According to post divorce parenting tips the transition period for children can be smoothened out if they are made comfortable with living in two homes.

The first step in this direction is to ensure that the children have all the clothes they needed in both homes. The parent who moved away from the marital home should take the trouble to buy a new set of clothes for the child so when they come to live in the new home all they would need to carry with them would be their school bag and books.

You also need to see that they have their own place in the house – their own room would be great, but if that is not possible give them a place they could call their own where they could create their own space. Ensure that they have all that they are used to in both homes which would include their video games, computer, books, and so on.

Most post divorce parenting tips point against recreating a duplicate of their rooms in the marital home. Rather, you should ensure that it is a special place which they love and are free to use as they please.

If you want your child to settle emotionally soon, you need to set routines. This is one of the most ignored post divorce parenting tips because the majority of parents feel that routines add to the stress that the children feel during the divorce. Contrary to popular belief, routines actually help the children get through the trauma rather than add to it.

Lastly, the most invaluable of all post divorce parenting tips – remember to keep the dialogue open and light. Make an atmosphere where the children feel free to talk with you about whatever is on their minds, so you can help them cope with the transition.

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