Some people have this sadly mistaken notion that only single people who do not have kids can possibly save significant amounts of money. A lot of parents have been pushed near the edge of financial insolvency, through job losses, wage freezes and rising interest rates on mortgages which were marketed in shady ways to people who just did not know any better. Even if you are not being paid like a rock star or an executive, and even if you have not seen a raise since Bush administration (either of them), you can still save your money if you put your mind to it. Of course, it will take some effort, but most worthwhile things are a little tough. Are you tough enough to handle them?

First off, how are your home and auto loans doing? A lot of people got their loans back when rates were higher. If you recall, a few years ago it just about took divine intervention to get any kind of loan, even if your credit was top notch. If you do have good credit, a mortgage refinance and a car refinance may be just the one-two combo you need to get back in the ring and start going on the offense for a change. Nobody likes being backed into a corner — so take the fight to the future, and keep what you work so hard to earn.

Another way you can save some money is through the use of coupons. Now granted, the generic stuff is usually cheaper if you just use the coupons like a newbie (or as the kids call it, a “noob”) would do. If you are patient enough to notice that particular items tend to go on sale at particular times (the pattern known as the sales cycle), you can save a bundle over time, especially when you combine these savings with the coupons you use. With patience, there is abundance.



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