Parenting Advice

Article by Jane Artisann

No parent is an island.

This statement is true of parents who think of themselves as isolated parents from the rest of the society. Parenthood is already difficult enough not to be shared. More often than not, experiences and other people’s experiences are the best teachers.

Parenting advice is not something parents should dread about. When someone gives you parenting advice, it does not mean that you are the worst parent in the neighborhood. It is either that parent wants to share how he/ she raised his/ her kids or he/ she only wants to encourage you.

In the realm of parenting, no one can understand you better than other parents like you. They exactly know how parenting feels. Parents share the same emotions when their children gets high grades in class or if their children are hurt or bullied by a classmate. Parents also share the same frustrations over difficult children. You see, parenting in itself is also a community.

One important parenting advice is to learn to accept advices. This does not mean that you will absorb and do everything that everyone tells you. Hear everyone but select people who have wisdom to be listened to. Find a parent with the same situation and experiences that you have. Of course, there are no exact circumstances. This means that find a parent who has children with the same age as your children.

In addition, another valuable parenting advice is to listen to your children. Do not shun them away just because you are the parent and are in the authority. Your children are your mirrors as a parent. They emulate you, they run to you, they shun you away, etc. All of these are children’s reactions on how you raise them up. Listen to things that they say because if you do not listen to them, they will look for someone else that will listen to them. This is when they feel that the home is not a place where they can be themselves. Be careful when you get too busy and tight with your work thus ignoring what your children tell you.

Another parenting advice is that you are the parent and no one can take that away from you. This gives the challenge to you: you do not need to prove that you are in the actual authority- you have to practice it. This does not mean however that your children are not allowed to give their piece on something. No. This is just a reminder that no one can be the best parent to your children other than you.

Lastly, one of the most treasured parenting advices is that, good parents give the best of their time to their kids. When you become a parent, your world will revolve around your family- even if you have work outside the home. The important thing to remember is that giving and spending quality time with your kids is still the best expression of love that you can show them. All the time, they need your quality presence more than the gifts and material things that you shower them.

Jane Artisan is a stay at home mom and has been writing articles and building websites on various topics for quite some time. Check out her newest on finding a diaper changing table.She built an information site on them.


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