When your child turns two, it will be the beginning of many memorable milestones.  For some tots, it will also be the beginning of a time referred to as the terrible twos.  It is possible to enjoy moments with your child and learn to discipline them during this challenging time.

Know What to Let Go and What to Discipline For

Let your toddler’s overall behavior dictate your punishment scale.   Do not have a fit over every single thrown toy or  spilt cup.  When your child is doing minor, annoying behaviors, but not outrageous things, it is sometimes best to simply ignore them.  Many little things such as shouting or throwing toys on the floor is a cry for attention.  It will get old fast if you ignore it.  When your tot does more serious things wrong such as hitting another child or hurting the family cat, punish the child with a time out.

Use Rewards

Reward your child for positive behavior such as using the potty, behaving during playtime or cooperating during bath time.  Give them an extra cookie during snack or have a small stash of inexpensive toys on hand from the dollar store.  Remember, not all rewards have to have a monetary value.  Lots of hugs and kisses and telling your child how proud you are of them will work too.

Practice What You Preach

Show your child how you would like them to behave.  If your tot is learning to use a fork, show them how you eat with your fork.  Make it a game to eat just like mommy or daddy.  If you teach your child not to hit other children, don’t let them catch you giving a tap to your spouse or older child.  Kids in their terrible twos love to copy the behavior that they see.


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