Many parents complain about the necessity of helping their children with their homework. I don’t know if they feel like they’re being kept after school, or given extra work for misbehaving at work. Whatever it is, all too many react as if it’s a punishment for them as parents to take part in their children’s work. It’s as if they see their children robbing their time from some other important activity, not taking into account the importance of using that time for their kids.

I’d like to suggest to you that helping your kids with their homework isn’t any form of punishment, but rather an opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids. There’s been lots of talk about “quality time” in the last 20 or 30 years, but most of it has been really vague, without a whole lot of specific direction in how to fit that quality time into everybody’s busy schedule.

If the most important thing in your child’s growing years is their education, than wouldn’t it follow that your quality time with them fit in with that important part of their lives? Actually, helping them with their homework is a great way of motivating them in their schoolwork; at the same time you are showing them that they are important to you. You might even have fun working on some projects together. That doesn’t mean do it for them, I hope you understand. But, helping them with ideas, showing them how to do things and correcting their mistakes isn’t doing their work for them.

Some of my best times with my dad were when he helped me with science projects and making things I needed for history projects. Those are some of my strongest and best childhood memories; not the places we went together or the fun we had in those places, but when he helped me work on projects for school. What kinds of memories can you build with your children, helping them with their homework?



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