Let’s face it, the economy stinks. Things are more expensive, tons of people are out of work, and most everyone is struggling to make ends meet these days. Instead of spending money on outings, try getting back to the basics of quality time with some simple family activities.

Watch a Movie Together
Get the family together, pop some popcorn, turn the lights down and gather together to watch your favorite movie. Cost: nothing if you already have some popcorn. You can even get creative and instead of using microwave popcorn, you can pop your own popcorn in a pot with a lid. You can also make it kettle corn if you want by simply adding some sugar to the oil.

Get Back to Games
When was the last time you sat down with the whole family and played a game? Game night can be tons of fun. You can play Monopoly and make it last 3 days if you want to. Or play a game of Sorry and keep saying your Sorry when you send your son or daughter to their home spot. Cost: nothing once you own the games.

How About Dice?
Sit down, roll the dice and yell, “Yahtzee” for some fun and excitement. Or make up your own dice game like 650. It’s played with 5 dice and you roll ones (worth 100 each) and fives (worth 50 each). You keep rolling until all the dice are used (and you haven’t busted by not rolling a 1 or 5) and then you pick them all up again and keep rolling until you obtain a score of 650 to get on the board (score needed to start). Roll 3 of any number on your first roll only and that’s worth that number times 100 (exception is 3 ones are still worth 300). Roll 5 fives or 5 ones and that’s worth 1000. Play game to 5000. A variation of this game is Farkle.


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