When one has twins, especially identical twins, it is so easy to think of them as being the same. After all, they look alike, so shouldn’t they be alike? Is the thought in many of our minds; but no, they are each individuals. While they might share much in common like any siblings do, they still have unique personalities, gifts and abilities.

As with any child, the great challenge for the parents is to try and discover what each child’s individual gifts and abilities are. That way, we can help them develop those abilities into something which they can utilize to succeed in their lives. I’d have to say that this challenge can be harder with twins, as they typically do a lot of things together and can even blend their personalities to make it appear that they are the same.

Don’t be fooled by that, there is always one twin who is dominant, and what you are seeing is that twin’s personality being mirrored in the other. You may have to look closely to see that other child’s personality, and may even have to separate them for a bit, in order to have it come out more obviously.

While many mothers like to dress their twins alike, you’re actually defeating your own purpose in doing that. Oh, it looks cute, but it doesn’t help bring forth each child’s individuality. You want those twins to discover who they are, not just as part of a pair, but as individuals. So, anything that can be done to help show their differences is actually more of a help.

As your twins grow, these differences will become more acute if you let them. Watch out for the problem of the dominant child controlling the other one. Otherwise, they may never fully develop into all that they can be. Instead, they may live their whole life under the shadow of their dominant sibling.



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