Decorating the nursery can be a tricky, yet fun thing for new parents. There are so many different options available to you that some parents don’t even know where to begin. Keep in mind that you want your newborn to be safe.

Here are some tips for decorating the new baby’s room in Atlanta apartments.

Decide on a common theme for the room. For a girl it could be Disney princess and for a boy it could be giraffes. Having this decided before you actually decorate is going to be beneficial to you because it makes choosing paints, window treatments and accessories so much easier.

You want the paint on the wall to be nice and soothing. This is why many parents opt for a light pink or yellow for a girl and a light green or blue if it’s a boy. Remember to paint well before your baby is born so the nursery can air out. Also, do a little decoration with the paint on the ceiling. The baby is always lying on his or her back so let there be something cool for the baby to look at.

Choose what type of flooring you’re going to have. The best option is hardwood floors because they’re quick and easy to clean and they’re always going to be allergen free.

The crib is the most important item in the room. Many moms will say your best option would be a convertible crib. Once your baby is too old for a crib, you can turn it into a bed for a toddler. You end up saving money by purchasing a convertible crib.


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