If you are a new mom who is having trouble leaving your child in day care then you are not alone.  It is difficult for many women to leave their baby with a stranger.  But due to the economy and increased cost of living, many women can find themselves in a position where they have no other choice but to use day care.


Research the day care you are thinking that you are sending your child to thoroughly.  Use Internet reviews as well as talk to other parents in the area about their personal experiences with the center.  No one will know the center better than the other concerned mothers that send their children there.

Keeping Healthy

Many day care kids get sick often because they are exposed to so many other children.  Send your child with their own bottles, cups and toys to prevent the spread of germs.  You can not guarantee how well day care shared items are disinfected.  Make sure that your child has had all the appropriate vaccinations for their age.  Send your child with several changes of clothes incase their clothes get wet during the day or they have an accident.  Save sick and vacation days up to stay home with your child when they are sick, preventing germs from spreading further though the day care center.

Look for Alternatives

If you are weary of chain day care centers alternative arrangements can be made.  Pay a family member or family friend to privately watch your child.  There is also an increasing number of work from home moms that run their own smaller day care centers out of their home that only accommodate  two to five children.  This type of atmosphere can be more family friendly and clean than a chain day care center.  If you know the day care teacher personally or through a friend you may have an easier time leaving your child there.



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