The price of computers has significantly dropped from the time when they first were available for home use. If you are looking to buy a computer for your children, there are several things to keep in mind to help you find one that will fit your needs. First, consider what age your children are.

When preschool children use a computer, their needs are simple. They use a web browser to access sites where they can color cartoon pages or put puzzles together. There are sites where they can learn the names of colors, the letters of the alphabet, and how to count. You might buy educational games for your preschool children. For these types of activities, you do not need a powerful computer with lots of memory or hard drive space.

For older children, consider what type of things they will be doing on the computer. If they are interested in gaming, you will need a computer that has a good video graphic card. It should have lots of memory because these computer games need lots of computing power so that children can play them.

If you have junior high school aged children or high school aged children, you may want to have a powerful computer. If your child is interested in graphic arts, she will be using programs such as Photoshop that require processing power.

It is important that you install an antivirus software program to protect your computer from vicious virus attacks. Using PC Tools antivirus software is the best thing that you can do to protect your computer. It will monitor and block any suspicious activity on your computer that the program recognizes as being a virus. It will either delete the virus or quarantine it so that it cannot do any damage to your computer.

For peace of mind, and savings in your pocketbook, look into using a PC tools antivirus program. Some of them are even free.



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