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Many parents feel guilty about having to send their children to daycare, even though they often do not have a choice. Since the majority of Americans are two-income families, many children spend their early years being cared for by people other than their parents. There is no reason to feel shameful about placing your child into daycare. There are some really great benefits to having your child be a daycare kid.

Learning Head Start
Daycare centers provide a lot of activities that focus on learning. They provide fun lessons in the forms of crafts, songs, and play that will teach the children colors, letters, numbers, and counting skills. Daycare kids often enter kindergarten a lot smarter than kids that did not attend daycare.

Social Skills Development
Kids in daycare continuously interact with other children as well as grownups. This provides the children with countless opportunities to develop and grow socially. The kids will better learn how to interact with other children, such as how to make friends, sharing, taking turns, waiting, and how to resolve conflicts. Kids in child care will also learn how to stand up for themselves, diplomacy, and how to be courteous to others.

Sponge Brain
A young child is capable of absorbing a lot of knowledge that helps shape their personalities and develop their intellectual abilities. When your child is in a daycare facility, she will be guided by trained and licensed professionals in a caring and nurturing environment, both mentally and physically nurturing.

Classroom Experience
Daycare kids can add “classroom experience” to their young resume! There are many activities that take place in daycare that are similar to school, such has sitting at a desk or table and following directions from the teacher in order to complete a task. This gives kids practice for school situations, which many kids that do not attend daycare will not get.


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