It’s not always easy carrying your baby while doing things or walking down the stairs holding the baby in one arm, especially if you’re trying to carry something else at the same time.

What every parent has found out at one time or another is that little ones like to throw themselves backwards while being held. This causes us to have to use two hands to hold our precious little bundle or else we end up dropping something or falling down the stairs and getting hurt, all the while trying to make sure the baby doesn’t get hurt. Does that sound familiar?

A Simple Solution
It’s amazing that the solution is such a simple little action to implement. While holding on to your baby with, let’s just say for example, your left arm, take your baby’s free left hand and hold it down firmly with your left hand while you carry your baby with one arm. For some reason, they will not throw themselves backwards when you hold them in this position. It’s amazing and makes a world of a difference, especially if your baby is one of those that just loves to throw themselves backwards any time they are unhappy or excited. That can be so dangerous, especially if you’re only holding on to them with one arm and are not prepared for the sudden leap backwards.

Try It and See For Yourself
Go ahead, give it a shot. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to carry your baby with one harm when you hold their free hand down with your free hand. No more worrying about falling down the stairs and breaking either one your your bone’s or your baby’s. No more worrying about dropping whatever is in your free hand, just to catch the baby. You’ll find the difference is like night and day in the way your baby behaves when you hold their free hand down.



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