Relationship Advice for Your Men?s Mom


Dating as an adult is complicated than just dating or picking up partner in sex only. Most of the girls are having problems with their man’s mom to the point that they are really getting into their heads and life. Ladies, I’d love to say I have the recipe for a good relationship with your guy’s Mom, but in all honesty, I’m far from figuring out mine. All I can offer are important suggestions that you need to take into consideration before you decide to make this man a steady part of your life….because whether you want it or not, his Mom is part of the package! So here are some relationship advice for you.

1. We all have a role in our families of origin. What is your guy’s? Look into that, thoroughly, ’cause if he’s been substituting the father figure in any way, to his Mom, you’ll be the bitch who stole her “husband”…as messed up as that might sound, it happens!

2. Make sure your man gives you the importance you deserve in his mother’s eyes. If that’s not the case, the chances of this woman respecting you, are slim to none.

3. Try to lead a healthy and happy relationship mostly for your sake and that of your man… but chances are if she sees her son is happy, you’ll start to grow on her somewhat.

4. From experience I tell you, have a cordial but distant relationship with your guy’s mom. As women, we know our relationships tend to be complicated, so too much time together can lead to troubles.

5. Avoid controversial topics that can lead to heated discussions. And if they inevitably come up, don’t take the bait, ignore it or gently switch the topic.

6. Look at the mom as the role model your guy grew up with. Is she a career woman or is she a stay-at-home Mom? Chances are, the same will be expected of you if your relationship turns into a serious one. Don’t assume anything, discuss it thoroughly with your man.

If you are very lucky, you will be embraced by your partner’s mother; sadly enough, that is not usually the case, at least not straight up. Chances are you’ll probably be tempted to work at it but my suggestion is don’t exhaust yourself going at it. In the end, the relationship you should be throwing your energy into is that with your man. As long as you show his mom respectful distance and cordial ways, you should be ok.


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