Rainy Day Activities For Kids
Its not hard to think of kids indoor activities that children can get on with independently on a rainy day. Isn’t that what computer games and DVD’s are for? But why not use a rainy day as an excuse to not do any work yourself, leave the housework, turn off the TV and computers for a while and bring your household together for some quality family entertainment? Here are several fun rainy day activities for moms and dads to do with their kids at home, guaranteed to make the next rainy day a special one for all the family:

One of the best kids indoor activities is to bake colorful cakes together; certain to put a smile on your children’s faces. Use a basic cake recipe from a cook book or the internet and let your children do as much of the measuring and mixing as possible, cooking is supposed to be messy! When your cakes have cooled, spread with icing and have fun decorating with pretty sweets, sprinkles and edible glitter. Yummy!

You know that story book with loads of pages which you keep putting off reading to your child because its so long and will take ages to read? Well, today is the perfect day to read it. Snuggle up together on the sofa and use a different voice for each character to make your little one laugh. Go on, don’t be shy – your child will love you for it!

Dance routine.
Its easy to feel a bit lethargic on rainy days when you are stuck indoors. So put on your dancing shoes and collect the family together in front of the stereo for an energetic kids indoor activity that is sure to be great family fun. Choose a popular song with a fast beat that you all know the words to. Then make up your own dance routine using a variety of easy moves that look cool when performed in sequence. Practice several times, then film your final performance and post it on You Tube!

Home cinema and snacks.
After exerting all that energy, you might want to relax a little. Something else to bring the family together is creating a snug home cinema with beanbags, extra pillows, duvets and blankets. Make some popcorn, raid the freezer for tubs of ice cream and settle down to watch a great family movie together. You could even put on your pajamas or sweatpants to ensure complete comfort and relaxation, whatever the time of day.

Arts and craft
Definitely a top kids indoor activity because all children love cutting, sticking and creating. Cut pictures and letters out of magazines, print off some fun family photos and create a big, happy collage to hang on the wall. Or design a special handmade card for Grandma, Daddy or someone you love. Girls might like to create a tiara from tinfoil, beads and buttons; boys love making robots using cereal boxes and cardboard rolls.

Create a fun t-shirt.
Have fun helping your kids add a stamp of individuality to their clothes and dust off your sewing basket! Everyone has a plain t-shirt in their drawer, why not decorate it? Using pieces of colored and patterned material from old unwanted clothes, you can cut out letters and sew on simple fabric pictures or flowers, which completely transform and add character to any t-shirt.

Spend some charitable time on a rainy day collecting together all those old toys, clothes that are too small and unwanted presents you keep meaning to take to the charity shop or children’s home. Your good deed will make someone else very happy and being charitable a great thing for your children to become familiar with.

Board games and card towers.
Fun indoor games that don’t involve too much mess or creative energy! Board games really bring the family together and get people talking; every household has a board game or two in the cupboard or on the top shelf, so dig them out for a bit of healthy competition and chatter. Younger children can sometimes have an issue with losing – either prepare for tantrums or just let them win! If you have a pack of cards, try building card towers, a simple kids indoor game which keeps them focused while you put the kettle on and have a well-deserved break.

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