Kids activity bags keep kids entertained

Article by Gary Swift

Most business owners have seen the pained looks from child-free customers when there are kids playing up in your restaurant or outlet. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could keep your kiddy customers enterntained? Their parents would be more relaxed and so would your other customers.

Kids activity bags are the solution!

Kids activity bags are fun for children. Kids activity bags keep children happy in five ways…

1. Kids activity bags appeal to the creative side 2. Kids activity bags appeal to their curious nature 3. Kids activity bags include variety to keep children busy 4. Kids activity bags help self esteem by making the child feel important with their “special present”5. Kids activity bags appeal to children’s desire to learn

They contain simple craft and colouring items such as stencils, crayons, stickers, paper and puzzles – things kids love. The key to keeping kids interested is to include variety in the kids activity bag. Colouring books are great, but because they are effectively only one thing, they may not hold kids’ attention for as long as an activity bag. The variety and added interactivity of a kids activity bag can keep a child happily engaged for around an hour.

A kids activity bag also appeals to a child’s curious nature – kids love opening up their activity bag to discover what is inside.

Branded kids activity bags

Branding your kids activity bags is as simple as placing your corporate sticker or stamp on each activity bag. For larger numbers, you could also discuss with your supplier a co-branded kids activity bag.

Increase sales with kids activity bags

By providing the kids activity bags free with purchase, for example, as part of a kids meal, provides an incentive for the parent to purchase. Whereas the family may have shared plates, the inclusion of a kids activity bag can be the sweetener that means the parent purchase a separate meal.

Because the kids activity bags keep the children entertained, family customers will stay longer and be more relaxed so they can buy more. Child-free customers will also be more relaxed and therefore more prone to purchase more.

Kids activity bags as a value addYou can purchase kids activity bags and offer them free to your family customers or sell them to recoup the cost or make a small profit.

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