Entertaining After School Kids Activities That Don’t Cost The World

Article by Barbara Marr

What happens after school is just as important as what takes place in the classroom. It’s important that you and your child choose the right after school activities. However, cost can be a major concern for families on a budget. Fortunately, there are lots of fun, inexpensive kids activities that can keep your child productive while they enjoy some down time. In this article, we’ll share some tips for starting after school programs of your own.

Your child’s interests and aptitudes should be your first priority when choosing after-school activities for kids. Talk to them about subjects that they would like to explore and build their after school schedule around those topics. Also take into account things that are important to you. While you shouldn’t force a child to participate in an activity simply because it’s something that you like, there’s nothing wrong with insisting that an overweight child participate in a physical activity. In fact, having them participate in an activity that they enjoy is the ideal way to combat such problems. Come up with a list of options and ask them to choose a program that they would like to be involved in. Try to find a balance between fun and education.

A child’s education should not be limited to books and the classroom. It’s important to a child to have an activity with which they can socialize with other kids. Enrolling your child in an extracurricular activity encourages self-discipline, as well as promoting development of skills. Take advantage of school sponsored extracurricular activities like outdoor sports, book clubs, music and drama. Consult teachers about these programs and plan ahead for the cost of uniforms and equipment. You may be able to share the cost with other parents or buy the necessary equipment at second-hand stores.

Encourage your kids to let their imaginations go wild with fun and exciting artwork and kids crafts. Create little critters using beads, glue and walnut shells. Turn old calendars into bookmarks that they can keep their schedules on. Or, decorate an empty plastic pop bottle with pine cones and use it as a bird feeder. If you’re stuck for ideas, you are likely to find 365 after school activities for your kids on the Internet. You’ll find countless printable stencils, downloadable programs and ideas for projects that will keep your kids captivated.

After-school kids activities are a great way to help reduce your child’s unsupervised time, thus lowering his or her risk of getting into trouble, like juvenile crime. Projects that benefit other people in the community are an outstanding, ongoing activity for young people. Is your street littered with trash? Get the local kids together and organize a community clean-up day. Is there a disabled neighbor or senior citizen in need of some help in the yard? Give the kids a lesson about nature by planting and maintaining a flower bed or vegetable garden. These projects teach children new skills while instilling appreciation for the community in which they live.

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