4 Fun Family Activities for Xmas

Article by Ellie Evergreen

Christmas is just two months away and you are now scrambling to get the funds and items together to make it happen. This is probably more difficult for families that are living with incomes that are smaller than last year. However a great way to make up for what you can’t afford is family holiday activities and crafts. These are things that everyone can do that will not cost a lot but will still bring about warmth and good cheer on the Christmas Holidays. They are things that will not only be inexpensive but will get the entire family involved and help make great Christmas memories. You might surprise yourself in the end by having fonder memories of this Christmas than others when you may have had more money.

Stockings are a common traditional item that is hung over fireplaces so that Santa can put small toys and treats in them. Rather than spending the extra money to get ready made ones, have your kids make their own this year. This is a great idea as it is an opportunity to come up with something fun the family can do together as the holidays approach. Make sure to purchase glue and a hot gun along with decorations so that kids can personalize their Stockings. The result will be lovely and unique creations that will help to decorate your living room. They can also be kept as mementos of a special Christmas.

Making holiday cookies and other baked goods is another great idea. There are plenty of delicious baked treats that are popular during this time of year. Once again why, spend money on buying something that is store bought when you can do it from scratch or at least cook it at home. Make sure that you do this with the older kids who can handle items in the kitchen. Give younger children simpler task like decorating finished cookies or Gingerbread men and houses. The kitchen becomes a place where the entire family works together to make their favorite dishes. These are great memories that can last a life time.

For Activities there are plenty that don’t cost any money at all. You can download lyrics of popular Carols and Christmas songs and spend the evening doing Christmas Karaoke. Do you have a board game that the family does not play often? Make Christmas a special Game night when everyone can come together to play. These are just some of the many activities you can do. The point is that every family is engaged and having fun. We often forget that Christmas is not just about the presents but spending time with loved ones. In some cases you will be surprised to find out that kids will be happier with fewer or cheaper presents if it means having Mom and Dad there. This is the true spirit of Christmas.

Another thing that you can do is help your younger kids believe in Santa. This can be a challenging proposition as in this day and age your kids are probably born skeptics and will question anything you try to do. This means the Santa suit will likely fail this year. A good way to convince is your kid is with a call from Santa. Santa Phone calls are great because you order them so a third party will be making the call and you will be right there when your child answers the phone.

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