Tips for Moms Making Money At Home

Article by Ken Saint

There are a lot of moms looking to make money at home for a variety of reasons,mainly that they are forced to stay at home while they bring up their children,they might be a one parent family needing a substantial income or some one needing to aid the budget line.

There are many things that they can try,manual work like sewing etc,buying products and selling them on Ebay online auctions.They can go to the search engines and type in “ideas for moms making money at home” and a variety of ideas come up.

My name is Ken and I have been marketing online for several years and have seen a lot of these ideas come and a lot of them sadly go,so here are a few tips that I have learned that may help those moms and indeed dads as well that may be looking to make some extra money.

For a new person just starting out it can bed quite daunting selecting a program that suits, and it does not pay to jump into the first thing that comes along.Exciting? Maybe. Sometimes we’re right–and sometimes….well….we quit the business before you can say…..”I want my money back.”.

Invest time in yourself Ask yourself—if I do “this” type of business what will be the daily activities I’ll need to do to make the income I want.You really need to think about this…Do I have to make several phone calls per day?Will they be long distance? Do I have to have several parties per week?Do I have to chase people to build a team?How will you tackle marketing and promotion,these are all aspects of owning your own business.

We must of course look at costs,very important.Some ways for moms making money at home require substantial investment at the outset and ongoing,Do we have to sell a product?if so,Do we pay for advertising? Is it possible for me to lose money instead of my primary need of making money?…Selling a product online can be very rewarding,but it has it’s ongoing costs…New and inexperienced?…Beware.

The cheapest and safest way for moms to start making money at home is getting paid to give your opinion.There are several “Paid Survey” sites online that have hundreds,sometimes thousands of customers that pay and pay well,for your opinion.The leading sites also offer you money for such things as shopping,reading emails,and even driving your car.

There is one cost only,you must join the survey site,the cost for this is usually to US and there is no ongoing costs, all you need is a computer.The best of the survey sites provide you with surveys the pay anything between and each,in some cases more,Surveys can be done usually in 30 mins or so.Earning 0.00 or more per day is definatley possible after a bit of experience.

So which survey sites do we look at?…Here is the worrying bit,there are at least one hundred or more available,and at least 80% of them are scams,some steal surveys from the better companies and try and sell the results to the biggest bidder,and never pay.There are others that pay you with points and when you get a certain number you get a prize.

Your decision should be based on..How long have they been in business ?… How many surveys will they give you ?some only give you 2 or 3 per week,others as many as you want.Do they have an easy support system inc a phone number,do they train you? and do they supply you with customers that pay you for other thing as mentioned earlier.

There is a company that stands out… Do the right thing from the very start and sign up with the most reputable of all of the survey companies.

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My name is Ken Saint.I have been in Internet Marketing for several years.I specialise in looking for the best ways to make money at home.The last 3 months I have been working within the paid survey industry


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