Tips to Save Money with Affordable Prom Dresses

Article by Marcus Mejia

While prom is certainly one of the biggest nights in a teenager’s life, that doesn’t make it any less expensive. Before you’ve even made it to buying the tickets you can have already dropped hundreds of dollars on your dress. But what about accessories, shoes and the dinner you attend before or after? What about doing something fun like going to Six Flags the day after? There’s a lot more you can use your hard saved money for. So to get more bang for your buck, here’s some tips to cut down on costs on your biggest expenditure: the prom dresses. Cheap, affordable prom dresses are an effective way to save money and don’t have to mean a discount on style either!

Use Coupons and DiscountsSure it may sound a bit old school but there’s a reason why coupons are such a big deal to people. Check out coupons available online for stores you like or enroll with a shopper’s card at a favored store. You can save a lot of money by taking advantage of discounts at places you usually shop at. If you have a friend or your mom has a credit card to a particular store that has these benefits, ask if you can pay them upfront for it in exchange for using their discount. Exhaust these sorts of sources first before going to a store that charges full price. You can save a lot of money by being discount savvy, and it’s possible to even get nice prom dresses under 100 dollars if you’re not picky about the designer.

Shop AroundWith the internet there’s no excuse for NOT checking out prices at different stores for a cheap prom dress. In fact, there’s a number of great websites you can browse through to find cheap prom dresses within certain dollar ranges, making it easy to stick to a budget. And don’t forget to double check the prices at multiple stores nearby. You never know which could be selling it full price while another is running a sale. And if you find a perfect dress remember you can always look it up online and see if you can order it for less. You can even request the store put it on hold for a day while you do your price checking.

Buy UsedMany girls are resorting to buying used to get cheap prom dresses. As many dresses are only worn once for the event, they’re still pretty much like new making this a viable option to buying full priced. Many resale shops specialize in selling used prom dresses under 100 dollars, so it’s easy to get a cheap prom dress. And if you are savvy with fashion design many of them can be tailored and modified to match current trends in fashion, dyed different colors to hide fading, cut, draped or sewn into different styles. There are tons of ways for you to update an older prom dress if you have the patience and knowhow.Even if you’re not keen to personal tailoring, you can always bring it to someone who can. What’s awesome about buying used is you don’t have to worry if the dress is a bit big on you. A trip to a tailor can have it readjusted to fit you while still saving you money. And if you’re a wiz with accessories an otherwise boring but classic styled dress can easily be jazzed up and made fashionable with the right accessories.

You don’t need a big budget to find great prom dresses. Cheap affordable prom dresses are easy to get ahold of as long as you’re open with your choices and willing to do a bit of extra work. Being able to afford a great dress and a fun trip the day after prom is sure to be an awesome reward for your effort.

A small budget doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on style. Prom Runway has a host of affordable options that makes fashionable cheap prom dresses a breeze to find. And with great prices on accessories and shoes, they’re a one stop shop for the money saving shopper.


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