Vintage Jewelry
Image by Sherry’s Rose Cottage via Flickr

Your child probably has hobbies and other interests, depending on his or her age. There’s always room for another one, though, and that should be jewelry collecting. It might seem strange to get a child involved with that, but it can actually be quite lucrative as they get older. There are many ways to get involved with collecting, however if they want the highest profit, high quality, designer pieces are the best option. If he or she takes his or her time, they can get the jewelry at great prices, and resell them for a nice profit. Some people collect and resell jewelry as a hobby, while some turn it into a full-time career–often making a living off of good purchases.

Designers like Aaron Basha have special collections for junior collectors, as well, giving your child an opportunity to get started on his or her own collection. It can be frustrating to be interested in a hobby and not be old enough to participate however, that is not the case with jewelry collecting. Your child can begin collecting jewelry pieces like Aaron Basha jewelry, resell them when they are older, or even pass them along to their children.

If you focus on the types of designer pieces that mean a lot to people and remain popular throughout time, you will have more success. You can also look for pieces that are trendy at the present time, but you don’t want to buy too many of them. If they go out of style, you may not be able to resell them later. The art of jewelry collecting involves focusing on more timeless pieces, and occasionally trendier ones.



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