My late grandfather hand-built this dollhouse.Image via Wikipedia

It seems there is always a new toy or gadget available for children. Gifts are popular for events such as birthdays, baptisms, graduations and of course, traditional holidays such as Christmas or Hanukkah. There are some really cool gifts out there!

What little girl doesn’t love to play house? What better to play house with than a dollhouse? Dollhouses range from very simple to very detailed and elaborate. Some of the best dollhouses on the market today can be found online. There is one to delight every child.


Speaking of dolls, an American Girl doll is great for the girl in your life. American Girl dolls can be personalized in many different ways. There are also books available for your child to read with American Girls as the front characters. It’s a great way to get your child interested in reading books.

Boys love to experiment with many different things. A microscope is a great gift for any boy. It can lead to hours of investigation and experimenting. There are many different types of microscopes available in many different price ranges.

The Nerf Stampede is at the top of the list for boys and girls. It is considered one of the best toys Nerf has released in the last 40 years. It is capable of launching three Nerf darts per second and boasts a 30 foot firing range. Sure to provide hours of Nerf battle fun!

There are many popular gifts available for children in many price ranges. To find that perfect gift for your child, focus on what their interests are, what your budget is and go shop!



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