Becoming a new mom is often times scary, no matter if you’re a teenager; in your 20′s, 30′s or 40′s. Here are a couple of tried and true tips to help you.

Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers are a must have and are invaluable. You can use them for burp clothes, clean up cloths, woobies and even diapers, if you are so inclined. But one of the best uses is for your little one to sleep on a cloth diaper. So many times our little one will fall asleep and then they wake up when you move them from one place to another. It’s not so much the move that wakes them up as the temperature change when they are laid down in a new spot and it’s cold. Having them fall asleep on a cloth diaper eliminates that. When you need to move them, pick them up, cloth diaper and all. It helps take the heat build-up beneath them, with them to their new resting place.

Co-Sleeping, Whether Nursing Or Not
If you try nursing and it works, a co-sleeper is another must have. You always hear about how new moms are so sleep deprived; with a co-sleeper you get much more sleep. It’s a combination playpen-baby bed that attaches to your bed via an adjustable strap that goes underneath your mattress. It has a big flat plastic square on the far end to keep the strap and co-sleeper in place. The baby’s sleeping height is about 2 inches below your sleeping height. So now when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, instead of staggering to the crib in the other room, you can just roll over and grab your baby and nurse him/her back to sleep. Then move the baby back over into the co-sleeper, with the cloth diaper, so they don’t wake up and you can catch more zzzzs, which is very important to a new mom.



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