Networking Moms And Dads
Hey, move!! I need to check my Facebook account. Let me see how many updates and friend requests I have.” Rings a familiar bell? Well yes it is quite common these days aint it. No, not something my sister said, or my friend or even my brother. This is something I get to hear every day from my dad. Yes, such is the techno world that not just young blood, but now, even the middle aged go crazy about social networking. I am sure I am not the only one with tech savvy parents. There are many of you like me whose parents are as up to date as you are. Not only do parents know how to login on facebook or twitter etc, they are so active and smart these days that they even login to their accounts from their cell phones.

Initially, the people, the parents had a stereotype that social networking is all about wasting time, flirting and having indecent discussions. But, once they joined it and became a part of it, they realized that it’s a very good way to keep in touch with many people at the same time. They often end up meeting old people with whom they have lost all contacts with and catch up with them. These sites for them have emerged as a benefit because through this they can easily find and locate their old social circle.

The mummies-daddies have started referring ‘joining social networking’ as a new step of parenting. They feel that apart from enjoyment, social networking keeps them in touch with what their own kids are doing on these sites. Though it may sound hilarious but this new side of the parents is being loved by one and all. I have friends who have their family in their friend lists and they absolutely love it. Although, all the elders enjoy being a part of social networking, but chatting is not all they do.Very smartly they also keep checking the profiles of the younger ones of the family to ensure that they are not into some unwanted stuff. Such is the tech savvy world, that even parents, who, at some point of time, felt that social networking is nothing, but sheer wastage of time, are themselves spending some time of the day in it. They learn it; they have fun and try viewing their kids’ ‘full profile’!!! God save thy Kids!

Shivangi Sahni is a social media expert excellent in the field of copy writing, content creation and development. She has been a regular article contributor to various international online media forums.


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