Moms’ 6 Tips for Ba Scrapbooking

Article by Concetta Ioni

When you are new parents, you will be sleep-deprived, worn out and just plain so busy washing bottles and changing diapers that the last thing on your mind will be to keep a baby scrapbook. However shop-worn the phrase, time really does fly and even though it doesn’t seem like it when you’re woken up for a 3AM feeding, your baby will soon grow up so fast that you wish you had preserved those priceless memories. Here are 6 easy tips to help you get a head start baby scrapbooking.

1. Take a scrap booking class before the due date

If you are a beginner in the scrapbooking, you may find it easier to register for a local class. Specialty stores have free classes as well as ones for a fee. Your city parks department might also offer a short course on the fundamentals.

2. Purchase supplies well before your baby comes

If you chose to know the sex of the baby before hand, you can buy ribbon, color coordinated paper, or stickers weeks to months prior to when the baby is due. Failing that, you can opt for neutral pastel greens and yellows with all sex motifs like balloons or rubber duckies.

3. Have your journal on your nightstand

If there is anything you want to jot down at any time of the day, and there always is, it is easy to make a note in your journal if you have it kept close at hand. Write down which day and what time your little darling first smiled at you, her first tooth her first words. Then you can paste in matching photos if you have them.

4. Organize while you are taking pictures

Whether you get your film developed or make digital prints yourself, choose your favorite poses as the moment happens; if you begin to procrastinate, the piles will just get larger and larger.

5. Look for shortcuts

You can get ready-made scrapbooking kits or mini scrapbooking packages with a baby theme to make your life easier. There is no need to chase around for the perfect trimmings as you will have an assortment to choose from in the package already.

6. Set aside time

Whether you categorize scrapbooking as your personal alone time, or as an investment in recording memories for the whole family, please don’t feel selfish about it. You might actually be better off taking a quick catnap while the baby sleeps, but go for it and craft a page or two.

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