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Article by merry cotton decided to take a look at some of the hottest mother’s on television – the women that prove they can raise a family and look fantastic all at the same time!

Jules Cobb (Cougar Town) – Courteney Cox became a sexy TV mom at the very end of Friends, but she embraced it entirely in her new show Cougar Town. Jules is a recently divorced mother who worships her 18 year old son Travis, and manages to tolerate her philandering ex-husband now that they’re no longer together. She’s the center of the show as she explores starting all over again, occasionally with much younger men thus the title of the show. Jules is enough of a sexy cougar that she’s got plenty of attractive men lining up for her, and the audience can understand why.

Nancy Botwin (Weeds) – Nancy might not be a good role model, and she wasn’t necessarily a very good mother, especially not after season four, but the one thing everyone can agree on is that Mary Louise Parker is smoking hot. Women, men, children, they can all look at her and just think about how very pretty she is. It might be the giant doe eyes, or the fact that Nancy wears her sexuality like a piece of armor on the show. It’s gotten her out of danger several times now, and being a mother literally saved her life last season – her mobster boyfriend wouldn’t kill her as long as she was pregnant with his child. Nancy had a line of marijuana named after her and they called it MILF weed. She may want to concern herself less on being hot, hot, hot, and more on the fact her middle son has become a sociopath. Just a thought.


Gloria Pritchett and Claire Dunphy (Modern Family) – There are actually two hot mama’s on this new hit sitcom! Claire is the stressed but loving mother of three, sweetly devoted to her bumbling husband. She seems to have the clearest head on her shoulders of the family, and often plays the straight man to the wackier members. Gloria on the other hand is Claire’s spicy and sassy step-mother. She’s an encouraging and strong influence on her sensitive son Manny, and she’s proud of her heritage and her ability to speak her mind. Claire’s stability and Gloria’s passion only make them hotter. Their husbands are lucky men!

Modern Family

Kate Austen and Claire Littleton (LOST) – Claire was destined to be a pretty young mother from the pilot when she crashed on the Island already eight months pregnant. The young and kind Aussie planned to give up her son, but once he was born on the Island her world quickly became about him. Even now that she’s crazy and ragged looking (yet still strangely hot, as Miles pointed out), all she can think about is getting her son back. Kate was there at Aaron’s birth so she was always close to him, but it wasn’t until they escaped the Island that she chose to raise Aaron herself. In a similar fashion, her focus became on the little boy she loved and doing what was best for him. It was why she handed him over to his grandmother and returned the Island: to find his real mother and bring him back.


Lily Van Der Woodsen (Gossip Girl) – This WASPy Upper East Sider might be a bit neglectful of her children, but she does always look fabulous in the meantime. She is attempting to settle down now with her new husband and their five children (Eric and Serena are hers, Jenny and Dan are his, and Chuck is technically her adopted son). Lily survived an overbearing and cold mother of her own, and she is also an intelligent and powerful woman, currently taking over Bass Enterprises and making wise investments for the company. Money, influence, and style are all at Lily’s command, and when her family is in a bind, she always does come through in the end. Just don’t marry her. It never ends well.

Gossip Girl

Pam Halpert (The Office) – The Jim/Pam relationship is one of the most famous and popular on television, so when this pair found out they were going to be parents at the end of last season, the fandom cheered with them. Little Cecelia Halpert was born halfway through this season, and Pam only recently came back to work on the show. Pam started as a receptionist on the show, somewhat timid and engaged to a man that didn’t understand her, and over the years she’s come out of her shell to be more aggressive and to win the heart of her best friend. Pam can be goofy or sarcastic, depending on her mood. Cecelia better start practing her mocking looks at the camera when other people are being stupid. It’s in the blood.

The Office

Lisa Cuddy (House) – As the ambitious female Chief of Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro, Cuddy’s had to put up with a great deal of trouble from her celebrity doctor Gregory House. In a recent episode the fans got to see the world from Cuddy’s point of view as she fought with insurance agencies and tried to be a strong leader for her hospital. It’s not easy being the one in charge, but Cuddy manages as best as she can. She decided to have a baby regardless of being unmarried, but unfortunately her fertility drugs did not work. Cuddy instead ended up adopting a baby that she saved the life of, and now she added the title of mother to her impresssive line of skills.


Honorable mentions for past hot mothers: Joy Turner (My Name Is Earl), Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls), Samantha Stevens (Bewitched), Becky Katsopolis (Full House), Peggy Bundy (Married With Children), and Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch).Related: Bewitched, Cougar Town, Courteney Cox, Emilie De Ravin, Evangeline Lilly, Full House, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, House, Jenna Fischer, Lisa Edelstein, Lost, Married…With Children, Mary Louise Parker, Modern Family, My Name Is Earl, The Brady Bunch, The Office, Weeds, Celebrity News, TV News, Starpulse Exclusives, Partners, Features, Home

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