Celebrity Trends : Hip To Be Pregnant?

Article by Pamela Jeffers

Within the new age of celebrity obsession, it appears being pregnant is now the latest “will need to have” accessory for a lot of Hollywood stars with and with out little ones already at home.

Pregnancy and children used to be thought of career suicide in Hollywood. But now we have now the pop culture coined “child bump”, “bump watch”, and different cutesy-fashionable phrases to explain the general public’s obsession with who’s pregnant, who’s planning on getting pregnant, and who looks suspiciously pregnant on the planet of movie star gossip.

One would nearly be capable to say that celeb pregnancy watches have surpassed divorce and breakup watches – nearly, but not quite. The world loves other folks’s “soiled laundry”, and a child is still considered an usually pleased occasion for anyone, so I suppose this new obsession is healthier than the lust for bad information about stars and their fortunes, proper?

A rising trend right now can also be single motherhood, and the declaration of independence many young actresses, reminiscent of Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz, have not too long ago made in regards to the virtues of single motherhood.

Increasingly actresses are saying no to marriage, and yes to motherhood, which is probably an indication of a growing sense of feminism and independence in Hollywood, and around the world.

Now that ladies are within the working force, and lots of times greater than capable of financially supporting themselves and a baby, single motherhood has grow to be more acceptable. In Hollywood, single motherhood has become somewhat of a status symbol. Take Angelina Jolie for example.

When before do you keep in mind a single mother being seemed upon with respect and envy? Angelina and other excessive trend, stunning, huge title actresses who’ve mentioned no to relationships and sure to mommyhood solely increase the public’s starvation for extra “celeb baby news”.

She and different horny moms like Diane Lane, Shania Twain and different svelte celebs who’ve given beginning have also given new that means to the term “scorching mama”.

These ladies have helped us “common” girls realize that we don’t all need to stop having fun, looking attractive, and dressing younger as soon as we have had children. They’ve made motherhood seem sexy, almost like a brand new starting or rejuvenation of the spirit and outlook on life.

Some might argue that celeb mom glorification makes actual life mother’s really feel inferior and paints an unrealistic picture of ease and happiness in motherhood, what with all the additional help celebs can afford to hire.

I disagree. I think it is taught girls that we can pursue a profession, and have a family. We can have all of it, we just need to work for it. And who’s going to disagree with that?Evan P. Lute

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