Exercise Fitness Workout – Mini Boot Camp for Moms

Article by Lee Mellott

There is a lot of press in the news about celebrity boot camps and other exercise boot camps. With a regular exercise fitness workout boot camp you follow a rigorous workout routine. It is usually killer but designed to shock your body into shape. These boot camps may require several hours of time a day, not to mention tremendous energy.

Many moms are unable to invest in a rigorous exercise fitness workout boot camp. They don’t have the time and they need plenty of energy to take care of other needs. So a mini boot camp for moms is a great idea.

The mini boot camp for moms is much less strenuous. With a mini boot camp you commit to working out five days a week. And you include healthy eating with your exercise fitness workout. Most moms get so busy they don’t fit in the time to exercise or eat right, so the mini boot camp requires scheduling some time so you fit in exercise and eating well.

Select an aerobic activity you enjoy. Many moms find that walking is a great exercise fitness workout. It puts little stress on the joints and is inexpensive. Indoor tapes make it easy to do rain or shine. Other choices may include dancing, biking, whatever you enjoy.

Plan to do the aerobic activity five days a week. Three days a week add in some weight lifting for about thirty minutes.

Healthy eating is key to the moms mini boot camp. Planning meals and shopping in advance is a good idea. That way you have all the ingredients you need for a tasty, nutritious menu. Keep it simple.

Sleep is an important factor in every mom’s exercise fitness work out mini boot camp. Excess stress and not enough rest push cortisol levels higher than they should be. Excess cortisol makes it easier to store fat.

Be sure to take care of yourself. Wear comfortable clothing when you exercise and drink plenty of water.

Be consistent and stick to the plan. A large calender can help you track your workouts and meals. Eventually you may find your mini boot camp turns into a regular habit!

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