Top 10 Food And Recipe Iphone Apps
It seems most everyone has an iPhone these days, and with that come Itunes, where users can download music, movies, and television shows. One of my favorite features on iTunes, though, is the Applications page where you can find a number of apps dedicated to recipes and cooking. I actually had no idea such a thing existed until I was exploring the site one day and my inner chef found a new home. Read on to discover my top ten favorite recipe apps on iTunes. Try them for yourself to broaden your recipe collection!

1. Dinner Spinner – Recipes, Drinks, and More!
This free application features thousands of recipes and can be searched by ingredient, type of dish, or cooking time. If you’re unsure what you are looking for you can have the app randomly generate a recipe for you. Each recipe is a top-rated recipe from

2. BigOven
Featuring 170,000 recipes, this free application allows users to search for recipes by name or ingredients. Users may also post their own favorite recipes on the BigOven website and later access them on their iPod or iPhone. This app also features the BigOven Food Dictionary that includes tips on a number of food related items.

3. Easy Chef Recipes (15,000+ Recipes)
This app costs .99, but for the simplicity and ease, it is worth it. Over 15,000 recipes that can be searched or randomly generated. The catagory menu is extremely specific and makes recipes that much easier to find and browse through.

4. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
This free app from Conde Nast features a plethora of recipes from Conde Nast’s most popular magazines such as Bon Appetit and Self. Recipes can be viewed step-by-step and can be searched by name or ingredient. WIth this app you can also create shopping lists.

5. Recipes
This app by EBSolutions allows users to create and store their own recipes – the only app to do so. Cost is .99. Recipes are included with this app, but the main feature is to allow user to create and store their own.

6. Gluten-Free Recipes
This is a wonderful app for those searching for gluten-free recipes. Cost is .99. Though there is not a large amount of recipes here, they are so tasty and perfect for those wishing to prove gluten-free does not mean taste-free.

7. Veggie Lovers Recipes
For those looking to incorporate more vegetables into their diet, or those already practicing a vegetarian lifestyle, this app features meatless dishes. Cost is $ .99. Though there are only 15 recipes in this app, the are quiet unique and varied.

8. iFood Assistant by KRAFT
This is a must have app for anyone interested in food! Cost is $ .99. Featuring recipes, videos, tips on budget friendly meals, as well as where local grocery stores are located and ingredients to buy, this app makes every aspect of the cooking process easy as pie!

9. The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook
This free app features over 4,000 of Betty Crocker’s best loved dishes. Can be searched easily by ingredient or users can type in an ingredient they have on hand and a recipe will be located that uses that ingredient.

10. Middle Eastern Recipes
This app features over 130 Middle Eastern recipes. Cost is $ .99. Also included are tips to help make your meal easier to prepare. Brighthouse Labs have quite a few apps on iTunes exclusive to different regions.

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