Soul Food Recipes: 3 Most Frequently Asked Soul Food Recipes Questions 

Article by Roy Primm

Soul food recipes have emerged back in the spotlight. Many observers credit the growth in popularity to the economic downturn. For example, more people are choosing or forced to eat more meals at home instead of eating out at restaurants to save money. The other opinion swings toward healthier reasons. For example, more people are choosing to cook their own meals at home more due to the high amounts of salt, butter and high amounts of fat contained in restaurant and fast food establishments.

Whatever the reason, people are cooking more meals at home again and that’s making recipe sites, books and cable TV show more popular with the public. Here’s the most frequently asked questions I’ve received for the month of September by my newsletter readers. Hopefully you’ll not only find the answers helpful but the questions as well. Note: The questions were edited slightly for brevity and clarity.

1. I like the soul food recipes, but I’m concerned with the health issues. Can you suggest simple ways I can cook healthier?

Some quick suggestions for cooking healthier southern food is to adjust how you season your dishes. For example, avoid using pork products to flavor vegetables such as collard greens, black-eyed peas or beans. Instead use smoked turkey, turkey ham or turkey sausage to flavor your vegetables. They’ll give your dishes that hearty robust flavor southern food is famous for without the high cholesterol risk of pork products. Also you should try to use less salt and use more natural herbs and spices instead. You may also want to try cooking with more onion, minced garlic, peppers and other fresh ingredients to add flavor and taste instead of depending on salt. If you have to use salt try sea salt, it has less harmful sodium than table salt.

Another tip is to cook with lighter oils. Instead of using animal fats or vegetable oils use lighter oils such as peanut, olive or sesame seed oils. Do more baking, roasting and grilling of meats and less frying and if you do fry do more stir-frying and less deep fat frying. Stir frying vegetables instead of boiling them will help you to preserve more of the vitamins and nutrients.

2. What’s The Easiest Soul Food Desserts Recipe For A Beginning Cook?One of the easiest desserts to make if you’re a beginner is peach cobbler. If you don’t want to make it from scratch you can buy the ingredients at your local supermarket. You get buy ready made crust and you can also buy the filling in your canned fruit section. This may not taste like your great grandma’s but it will do in a pinch. But making it from scratch only takes a little longer, give it a try. Google “soul food peach cobbler” and give it a try.

3. What’s the healthiest ways to cook chicken? I’m trying to get away from frying?Roasting, baking or grilling are healthy alternatives. You may also want to try stir frying chicken breast strips in a light oil or cooking spray as a healthy cooking change. Also marinating will help to add flavor and moistness to the meat.

Continue to write me any questions concerning soul food recipes you may have and I’ll share them so others can be helped also.

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