Here are several ideas for making quick and easy Christmas ornaments with your child.

Do You Have a Safe Work Area Set Up
First create a safe work area, including putting down newspaper to protect your working surface from paints and glues.

You’ll probably need to go to your local craft store for a few accessories and supplies if you don’t already have them. You’ll need things like little stick-’em-on eyes, red puffy balls (for noses), pipe cleaners in different colors, ribbons in different colors, some spray paints in different colors, glitters and white glue that dries clear. Gold and silver paints are good holiday paint colors and red and green are good ribbon colors.

Other supplies needed that you can save at home would include old popsicle sticks, candy canes, CD’s, Christmas lights (the big ones) and empty egg cartons (cardboard works best).

The Candy Cane Ornament
Take a candy cane and glue 2 eyes to the front short part and one red fuzzy ball to the end of the short part for the nose and take a brown pipe cleaner and wrap it around the top and shape for the antlers and you have a striped reindeer.

The Popsicle Stick Ornament
Put 2 popsicle sticks in a V shape and glue the bottom together. Take a 3rd stick and glue across the two about 1 inch below the top. Glue an eye on each part of the V and a red nose at the bottom, add a red ribbon bow in the middle with a loop to hang.

Christmas Light Ornament
Wrap a pipe cleaner around the screw part of the bulb and glue an ornament hook to the back, leave the ends to stick out like horns. Glue 2 eyes and a nose on the front.

Eggcrate Ornament
Cut out individual egg holders, spray paint, add glitter and a hook.



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